Many years ago I was introduced to wine – the good stuff, not the plonk with pretty labels I used to guzzle when watching  Eurovision Song  Contests while at University. My mentor and wine guide was a wonderful gentleman and a local legend, Glynne Jones. In his company particularly when travelling through France, I came to appreciate finer wines. I became a devoted Francophile and it did take me quite a while to acknowledge anything produced outside France or indeed the “Old World”. Although I am still an Old World girl at heart, I am now regularly try and enjoy wines from the New World. I can, however still be swayed by a pretty label!

In 2005 I returned to Aberaeron to live and I spent the next couple of years working in the Harbourmaster in Aberaeron where I was lucky enough to be able to complete Wines and Spirits Educational Trust Courses at both Intermediate and Advanced levels. These courses allowed me to expand my knowledge and fuel my love for wine together with the opportunity of tasting wines I would not normally have had the chance to sample. I am grateful to Menna and Glyn Heulyn for giving me these opportunities.

In September 2015 an opportunity arose for me to start my own little wine business taking over the reins from local wine guru and author Cynan Jones. Hand Picked was the only place in town where you could buy a decent bottle of wine. When Cynan and Charmian decided to move on to pastures new and close Hand Picked, imagine my horror. Fuelled basically by the sheer panic of not being able to buy a good, reasonably priced bottle of wine in Aberaeron, CARU GWIN was born! Initially it was a wholesale business, providing wines to a number of restaurants in the area but I soon decided to offer a personal list to individuals, and with the continued help of Cynan, I have developed an great selection of reds, white, rosé and fizz to suit everyone and all budgets.

Good wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune and these days a good quality night-in-front-of-the-TV bottle for under £10.00 is easy to find. What is more, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy that customised case of your favourites or an extra special bottle of bubbly as a gift on a celebratory occasion.

So how does it work? Easy! You buy, I supply! Have a look at my List and simply select the wine or wines that tickle your fancy. E-mail or phone me with your order and hey presto you’ll have wine! I keep a certain level of stock but if I have order more in, the wine will usually take a couple of days to arrive. From time to time I’ll also be holding a Pop-Up Shop and tastings. Also if you are looking for wine for a special occasion drop me a line with your requirements and I’ll do my best to meet your needs.

Here’s to wine then!